Sun. Nov. 17 – Prof. Christopher Gardner to speak on “The Food Revolution”

Date(s) - 11/17/2019
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Lauder College House


Professor Christopher Gardner with a raspberryThe ravages of chronic non-communicable diseases (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer) are taking a horrific toll on human vitality and crippling health care systems, nationally and globally. Much of this can be prevented with better choices of what we eat and drink. Now those choices have been linked definitively with environmental sustainability – don’t we want our children and grandchildren to have access to good nutrition that will allow them to thrive?  What if we could solve two problems at once – Maximizing the Intersection of Human Health and the Health of the Environment. And what if it were to be unapologetically delicious?

Christopher Gardner, PhD, Nutrition Scientist and the Rehnborg Farquhar Professor of Medicine at Stanford will share a vision of a path forward that involves colleagues from all seven of Stanford’s schools (Medicine, Business, Law, Education, Earth Sciences, Engineering, and Humanities and Sciences), hospital food, and the chefs of Stanford Dining and the Culinary Institute of America. Please join us for a blend of science, humor, and inspiration.

For the past 20 years Professor Gardner’s research has examined the potential health benefits of dietary components such as soy, garlic, antioxidants, ginkgo, omega-3 fats, vegetarian diets, and weight loss diets in the general population. Recently his nutrition interests have expanded to two new areas. The first is to explore motivators other than health for making positive dietary changes, linking to ongoing social movements around animal welfare, climate change, social justice, and their relationships to food – stealth nutrition. The second is to focus on a food systems approach to dietary improvements that addresses the quality of food provided by schools, hospitals, worksites, food banks and other institutional food settings, including working with chefs on unapologetically delicious food.

Free Admission.  All are welcome, but please pre-register at

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