Stanford Philadelphia Alumni Movie Club – seeking interested participants

July 4, 2016 – The Stanford Club of Philadelphia is gauging interest in a local Stanford Philadelphia Alumni Movie (SPAM) Club.  If you are a cinephile and would like to discuss movies with other cinephiles, this is your chance!


Here’s the initial proposal:


  1. The club would meet once a month at location to be determined by the group (e.g., a local library, book store, or someone’s home) at a day and time mutually agreed on to discuss the movie of the month.  Members will watch the movie before the meeting.


  1.  The ideal location would be close to a major road or highway with parking available.  If you would be willing to host the movie club or know of a good public venue, please let Suzanne know!


  1.  Another consideration will be the service(s) that offer a wide range of movies (Amazon and Netflix are two) and which to use to select movies to watch to insure that all SPAMmers will have access.


  1. The first meeting will be to introduce ourselves, decide when and where to meet, and how to select movies.  Since we’re in vacation season for most families, the first meeting will most likely be in September.

Please contact Suzanne Swann by August 7th and let her know if you’d like to be a founding member of SPAM.

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